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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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microclimate weather forecast. i'm following the early morning start to your commute in the east bay. we'll show you what the latest is. >> live look outside right now. you are watching "today in the bay." thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. police in san francisco are investigating a stabbing just feet from union square. stephanie chuang joining us live from san francisco. what are officers telling you out there? >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. we know from san francisco police that there was a stabbing here at the 24-hour walgreens at 135 powell between o'farrell and ellis. this is a 24-hour two-story walgreens. you can see people getting inside. it is closed right now because of what happened sometime overnight with at least one
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person stabbed. a very popular area. this is across from ha&m. this happened sometime in materially morning hours. two blocks away, we saw about six police officers and a couple patrol cars as well as one young man on the ground. he was cuffed. we confirmed this was one arrest made by police early this morning, so that man is in custody. several other officers shortly after with flashlights out and they were walking around union square looking for evidence, it appeared, and perhaps other persons of interest. the stabbing victim's condition is unknown at this time. there may be other victims out there as well. we're trying to get all this confirmed. 24-hour walgreens here again on powell very popular area. it is usually open 24 hours, but i just spoke with a manager some minutes ago who said that it's going to be closed until at least 6:00 this morning.
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we're working on getting more details and we'll bring them to you as soon as we get them. live in san francisco this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> still gathering information for us. thank you very much, stephanie. at 5:01, this morning san jose police looking at newly released surveillance video obtained by nbc bay area. the man who may have killed a security guard over the weekend. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live at the san jose police department this morning. what are police saying about this case? >> reporter: we know that they've seen the same surveillance video that we've seen from inside that liquor store on saturday night, and our source confirms that at least one of the men in that video is a person they're looking for in the homicide of manuel zuniga. police have that surveillance video that was from the liquor store. inside the store saturday night, and we can tell you that we see at least four people walking into the store. the one person whose face is not blurred out is the one who stole the case of cigars from the countertop. as he runs from the store, he trips and he falls, dropping the
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cigars. the owner tells us that's when manny zuniga sprang to action and someone in a car outside shot him. >> i hope that everybody sees their faces and somebody -- some good samaritan out there identifies them. >> reporter: while the investigation continues, so too does the fundraising for the zuniga family. friends and strangers have donated close to $10,000 for his wife and two children. the money helps, but clearly what they want more than anything is justice. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> such a tragedy. thank you very much, kris. police need your help finding a man who beat up a taxi driver and skipped out on paying his fare. take a look at this guy. early sunday morning, the taxi driver dropped his passenger off near cal palace. instead of paying, the passenger allegedly beat up the taxi driver and sent him to the hospital. meantime, in mountain view, police looking for the thieves
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who used a sledgehammer to bust through the front door of an audio store. it shows them stealing high end audio gear. those guys are still on the run this morning. 49ers quarterback chris culliver will be back in court today. he's charged with felony possession of brass knuckles. he's also accused of hitting a bicyclist in san jose last march, then driving away. the 26-year-old has pleaded not guilty to all charges. a new effort to improve safety on the streets of atherton. critics say there are too many cars and not enough being done to protect pedestrians and cyclists. nanette miranda joins us to explain what kind of proposed changes we're talking about here. >> reporter: the goal is to make this stretch in atherton safer. officials hope that a new traffic light and three pedestrian beacons will do that. the proposed stoplight is slated for el camino and selby lanes.
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lights are being suggested for stockbridge, isabella, and alejandra avenues along el camino. if approved, all are slated to be installed by the spring of 2017. the city estimates more than 31,000 vehicles use that mile and a half stretch of el camino a day. it's considered unsafe because very little really helps pedestrians and bicyclists coexist with cars. a resident was killed as recently as last summer by a car while crossing el camino. 50 collisions occurred during a nine-year period. the city council will consider this new stoplight and the three pedestrian beacons at tonight's meeting, and the city and cal-trans are hoping to be able to pitch in to pay for this $900,000 project. >> a few options being weighed there. thank you very much. let's see how that morning
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commute is looking. traffic appeared a little lighter, but that was pretty early when we come in. >> yeah, it's pretty early right now. we're looking toward the peninsula. not far from atherton. folks are well familiar with this big bright sign by the ikea. we're looking at a smooth drive. we don't have a lot of headli t headlights. peninsula, palo alto. very smoothly. here's san jose. silicon valley. northbound commute route, that will eventually be the commute right now. not much of one throughout this area. as we move our maps to the north, we're looking anywhere north of the san mateo bridge. bayshore moving nicely. top of your screen. from the north bay, no delays for 101 or approaching the bridges over here. we're looking toward interstate 80. a smooth drive toward richmond and the bay bridge. antioch, typical slowing off of the bridge. over here for the tri-valley, we're looking at slowing out of
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the altamont pass. a live look shows you the sensors are yellow, but not a big concern as far as that volume of traffic. there we are approaching that same area. an easy flow of traffic. a clear view right now. we saw some low clouds and fog rolling yesterday. sounds like may be similar today? >> yeah, same exact deal. good morning to you. good morning to you at home. temps in the mid 50s to start the day. we've got a blanket of low clouds around the bay area. almost uniform temperatures as a result. your sun will rise at 6:58 this morning. earlier sunrise, longer days. four to eight degrees warmer as we head throughout this afternoon. starting to see the sunset close to 6:00 in the evening. i want to tell you about the king tides. if you live in one. the flood prone areas across the bay area. we're looking at that towards 10:54 a.m. that's high tide for today. tomorrow, that will occur at 11:47. so watch out. bays, beaches, low-lying areas, you don't want to ruin a nice
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pair of shoes. 69 degrees in the tri-valley. 64 in san francisco today. 69 degrees in the north bay. and just about as warm as where we ended up yesterday, if not a touch warmer with more sunshine coming through. we'll tell you about that chance for rain in my next report. right now, back to you, sam and laura. >> you're going to have to start arming yourself with boots on the embarkadero. how the snow pushed one city tourism bureau over the edge. plus, the effort to keep the cargo moving at west coast ports. female announcer: presidents' day is over,
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. taking a live look outside. beautiful picture by city by the bay, san francisco this morning. we're going to hear more from the fed about chances of an interest rate hike. more and more likely as time runs on. >> they're simply running out of excuses. jobs rates have been incredible. our biggest problem is our dollar is so strong. we'll get the latest from the fed meeting today. one of the biggest fed critics has been the paul family, rand and ron. rand paul may declare his candidacy for president in april. rand paul has called for an audit of the fed. the fed pointing out it actually prints out its entire balance sheet every thursday for anyone to read. well, let's check the markets this morning.
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landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hey, scott. good morning to you. the markets will try to add to their record levels today. futures are pointing to a flat open. the s&p 500 closing a new all-time high on tuesday, while the nasdaq is at a 15-year high. investors reacting to encouraging news from greece's bailout talks with european officials. as for data today on housing, manufacturing, and minutes from the fed meeting. the nasdaq up 5 to 4899. people have been disappointed by one thing or another, but it's only recently they can share it in social media. people posting pictures of their valentine's flowers, sometimes days late because of the snowstorms in the east or frozen because of the snowstorms in the east. the other case is flowers that don't really match up to the pictures. not so much.
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1-800-flowers has been a particular target of this. although this is true of anything. have you ever ordered a hamburger. i'll imagine fast-food store. and you look at the menu and look back at what's in your hand, you're like, this is not the same. >> especially the billboards. >> at least you're disappointed with a hamburger. when your significant other is counting on those flowers -- >> that's much worse than being disappointed by a hamburger. >> it's the thought that counts. >> sure, laura. >> it's going to be okay. thank you very much. the south dealing with another deep freeze this morning. temperatures in the teens. they're expected in a number of states the next few days. utility crews are working round the clock to restore power to homes that have lost it. meantime, the northeast also bracing for another storm. this is boston, still digging out from the last one.
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the city has received 96 inches of snow so far this winter. i repeat, 96 inches. just a few from the all-time record. the biggest concern is the city's aging transit system. it was shut down on sunday because of all that snow. >> i had a friend who was on one of those trains that was completely shut down. tough one. meantime, the city of ithaca, new york, the taking a lighter look at the snow. the tourism office posted this on its website with the words, "that's it, we surrender, winter, you win. key west, anybody." it also posted a link for tourist information to the key west. the high temperature in ithaca is expected to be about 27 degrees. in key west, alternately, the high is around 67 degrees. >> and here in the bay area, christina's got a look at our own forecast. it's pretty nice compared to what they're going through in the east. >> we have a good-looking day shaping up. we are going to talk about that coming up in just a minute. first, though, i want to send it
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out to my girl, what are you guys doing out there? i know you're out there for a great cause. tell us a little bit about that and what you've got planned for this morning. >> good morning, christina. sam, laura, everybody at home. as you say, we are here in east palo alto this morning, as every wednesday, we are visiting the schools in our community with this new project. this morning, the guys who are helping me here -- >> i think we lost her audio. you know what? that's okay. i can tell you a little bit more about what they're doing out there. yoga! that's what they're going to be doing as we head throughout the morning hours. and for lunch today, they've got macaroni and cheese and beef tacos. so they're definitely going to work up a sweat before they get to that lunch. and we really value our sister station and what they're doing out there in the community.
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52 degrees in half-moon bay right now. beautiful day shaping up. we're going to have some low clouds to start, so kind of a murky start, making way to a lot more sunshine than we had yesterday. 69 degrees in the tri-valley. 66 degrees for today on the peninsula. 69 degrees in the south bay as we get into the rest of the week. 70s on the way. and just a lovely weekend shaping up. that's when we'll start to see that offshore flow. that means that beach weather will return. you can see not much of a difference on saturday between san jose and san francisco. but hey mike, i'm inspired by that. i don't know about you, but i'm going to break out that old buns of steel video. what do you have planned for today. >> not the buns of steel video. wow. we'll see. got to talk about hamburgers. hamburger buns. happy medium. maybe we'll get on the bikes. we've been loving that with the family. a smooth drive for your car.
5:17 am
look at that beautiful tower. a beautifully smooth drive here. as we look at your map, low clouds and fog returning just like they did yesterday. so that will be a factor for some parts of your commute. no delays down the east shore. look at the maze we have here. oakland a smooth drive. eastbound 24, first start there, heading in. nothing dramatic and nothing unusual. over here, the north bay, a smooth drive. highway 37. 101 navarro, toward mill valley. looking at antioch highway 4, typical slowing. things start to clear up. over here, the tri-valley, coming out of the altamont, but smooth drive, a little slowing at the dublin interchange. in the south, we're looking at san jose northbound 101. not a major concern. it's the southbound side that showed a little slowing. over here approaching 680, we have a camera. let's take a look. this would be the taillights heading away from us. and more slowing northbound expected because of the volume starting to build now. we see that first burst of
5:18 am
traffic kick in any time after 5:30, so we should see this start to build in the next ten minutes. we'll track that, and the low clouds hit the south bay pretty good yesterday. i'll track that for you today. it is early to start your workweek, even earlier if you're a kid going to school. but we know there are a bunch of them out there right now. let's try you again from our sister station. telemundo 48 getting involved in our community. good morning. >> good morning. it was just a little problem. live tv. as i was telling you, we are here in castano elementary school. this is in east palo alto. the kids woke up pretty early to show us a little bit of all the projects. you got up pretty early this morning, right? >> yes. >> why? because they want to show you the school here in our new project. it's called telemundo 48.
5:19 am
we are so happy to be sharing with the east palo alto community this morning. have a really good day, and everybody at home. >> all right. >> well wishes. thank you very much. a little calisthenics on your wednesday morning. >> exactly. also happening today, catholics all over the world are marking the beginning of the season of lent this morning by observing ash wednesday. thousand of worshippers attended a mass in dunn town manila earlier this morning. it asking catholics to fast, pray, and give to the needy. closed door talks will resume this morning between the u.s. labor secretary and the two sides involved in the recent port dispute. secretary tom perez will be meeting with union leaders and leaders of the pacific maritime association. all this in an effort to end that long dispute. the secretary's office says the tremendous progress was made during yesterday's meetings. secretary perez has stressed to both sides that an agreement needs to be made soon to prevent further damage to the u.s. economy. >> it turns out, art is
5:20 am
contagious. at least when it comes to beautifying those utility boxes. the city of campbell has decided to take a cue from san jose and start its own art outside the box project. it allows artists to display their work on city utility boxes. residents 18 years and older are eligible. kind of a cute idea. >> very cool. a little beautification on your wednesday. the world series champs get back to business today. ready to start a brand-new season. >> here we go. taking a live look outside, city by the bay, san francisco. certainly feels like spring in the air. we're ready for a little baseball. ready for some rain, too. we'll see if it's in the works as well. christina's got a look at the forecast. what's that thing?
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> 5:23 right now. a live look at a darkened at&t ballpark this morning. pitchers and catchers start today for the san francisco giants. one of the first teams in the mlb to get kick started. the garden at at&t park is going to serve a new purpose in the meantime. the giants teaching kids about healthy eating. the children will visit the garden at at&t park this afternoon to learn about harvesting, preparing, and eating locally cultivated food. >> very cool. the giants are not at the park today. in fact, they're not even in the bay area. >> that's right. sam told us.
5:24 am
they're in arizona. it's the start of spring training. pitchers and catchers to report to scottsdale this morning. giants starting rotation will be similar to last year. madison bumgarner, matt cain, tim hudson, tim lincecum, all that. this will be jake peavy's first season as a giant as well. >> here's another guy you've seen before. as for the a's, pitchers and catchers report tomorrow, as we see barry zito. he has signed a minor league contract with the a's that includes an invite to spring training and we'll see if he ultimately makes the opening day roster. >> the red sox have already reported to camp and red sox nation getting an eyeful of pablo sandoval. in his true spring training shape. in the off-season, sandoval signed a five-year, $100 million deal with the red sox, leaving our giants. >> i'm going to stick with the twitter theme of the day, and it's #notourproblemanymore, with
5:25 am
pablo sandoval showing up 30, 40 pounds overweight. now they're going to have to cut him a little bit of slack. >> i'm sure he's got a good reason for that. you look at the babe, babe ruth, and he's going to throw all that weight behind those hits. we're sorry to lose him, though. we've still got our eye on the giants. after all, we are your broadcast home of the san francisco giants right here on nbc bay area. san francisco, 55 degrees right now. in the north bay, you're at 52. we're going to end up in the mid to upper 60s later on today. 69 degrees for the tri-valley and 64 in san francisco. a man who's always active. you know, your weight doesn't fluctuate much. how do you keep your body in such great shape, mike? >> spanx. >> that's what i thought. >> just kidding. looking over here -- i've never tried them on. looking over here toward 580 westbound, traffic really packing on. the dublin interchange, that's where we see the build.
5:26 am
the triis one to watch for the early commute. meanwhile, we'll zoom out and show you the south bay. moving up the peninsula, at speed between the city and silicon valley. the east bay, we don't have that build yet for hayward, but we'll see things as they start to build. a smooth drive. just a few more cars, guys. back to you. 5:26 right now. home buyers beware. scammers are trying to get your down payment. a scheme almost cost rick garcia $18,000. the san jose man says he made an offer on a home, then got an e-mail from his realtor saying the offer was accepted and instructed him to wire the money. but the e-mail was from a hacker. >> the hair sticks up on the back of your neck, something's wrong. and i thought boy, i was duped. and this can happen to anybody. >> garcia called the fbi and got
5:27 am
his money back. experts say you should talk to your real estate agent before spending any money. >> that is stealth and very disturbing. 5:26 right now. san francisco school under fire, accused of giving students pamphlets containing questionable material. >> plus, police released video of a brazen robbery at a little caesar's pizzaria. and a quick glance outside at the bay bridge this morning as you get ready to start off your wednesday. we will be right back with much more news, weather, and traffic after this. female announcer: through sunday, save up to $300
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caught on camera. the man accused of stealing cheap cigars just moments before a south bay security guard was killed. plus, thousands of dollars worth of equipment lost in a late night fire. good wednesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. change in the pattern for today. i'm going to talk about that, plus your next shower chance in your microclimate weather forecast.
5:30 am
and your east bay build is on. i'm trying to figure out why there's a little extra slowing coming through dublin. a live look outside overlooking city by the bay. it's wednesday, february 18th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. police right now are getting a new look at a robbery and shooting over the weekend that led to the death of a beloved security guard in san jose. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joining us now from police headquarters. are police zeroing in on one person in particular? >> reporter: we know they're looking at at least one person in the surveillance video that we have also seen for ourselves. we have it for you now. san jose police have that video that cameras in the liquor store, a surveillance camera. it shows what happened inside that store saturday night. our source tells us that police
5:31 am
are looking for at least one of the four men you see walking into that liquor for less store. one man whose face is not blurred is the one who stole the case of cigars from the countertop, and as he runs from the store, he trips and falls, dropping the cigars. the liquor store owner says that's when manuel zuniga sprang to action and someone in a car outside shot him. >> i hope that everybody sees their faces and somebody, some good samaritan out there identifies them. >> reporter: while the investigation continues, so too does the fundraising for the family. friends and even strangers have donated as much as $10,000 to help the family. but what the zuniga family really wants is justice. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all right, kris, thank you very much. an update on breaking news. san francisco police have made an arrest following a stabbing near union square. stephanie chuang is live.
5:32 am
investigators still looking for other people who might have been involved? >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, laura and sam. san francisco police confirming that since there was some sort of fight or scuffle that happened inside this 24-hour walgreens here on powell, resulting in at least one person getting stabbed. this is a very popular area across from h&m, right in the union square area. people are in line to hop on a cable car. you see people have been coming by trying to get in. but it is closed right now. two blocks away earlier this morning, after 3:30 this morning, we saw six police officers alongside one young man who was on the ground cuffed. we've confirmed that this was one arrest made by police overnight. now, there were several other officers with flashlights who are out walking around union square, around the park, looking for evidence, perhaps looking for persons of interest.
5:33 am
we do know where one was taken to the hospital. but the condition of that person is unknown. there may be other victims as well. i'm not sure where the stabbing happened, whether it was in the downstairs area of walgreens, or just all the food area, or upstairs where its pharmacy and cosmetics. so still a lot of questions, but this walgreens is closed right now. one store manager telling me it will be at least 6:00 this morning before it's open again. >> thank you very much, steph. all-new this morning, nearly a dozen vehicles up in flames after a fire in the north bay. this happened last night in napa county at a vineyard on old sonoma road west of highway 29. firefighters say flames broke out at a barn with equipment. thankfully nobody was injured. investigators looking into the cause of that fire. we're getting our first look at two gunmen who took over a little caesar's pizza.
5:34 am
police are hoping someone will recognize the unique weapon used in this robbery. police tell the "chronicle" it's either a break action pistol or a shortened shotgun. the clerk was shot during the robbery. the robbers did get away with some cash. the employee should survive. a santa clara university student accused of stabbing his roommate inside of their dorm is going to be in court tomorrow. police say dylan kim stabbed his roommate yesterday and then cut himself. the roommate is recovering in the hospital right now. tomorrow, kim will be arraigned on attempted homicide charges. investigators have not said what led up to the stabbing. parents say a san francisco school went too far when it passed out pamphlets containing questionable material. the chronicle reports children in second through sixth grade at stars of the sea catholic school got the pamphlet that asked questions like did i perform impure acts by myself or with another and have i advised
5:35 am
anyone to have an abortion. parents say the children are too young to know about those kind of things. the latest controversy to strike the catholic church in san francisco today, angry parents and teachers are going to hold a vigil in san francisco. they oppose new morality clauses laid out for high school teachers by the archbishop. the clauses support straight and monogamous lifestyles. the archbishop plans to use them as conditions of employment at four bay area catholic high schools. do you want water? you have to ask for it. that's one of several new restrictions being considered to combat the drought. the water resources board is debating new regulations. one would force thirsty restaurant diners to request drinking water. another would require hotel guests to ask for fresh towels and sheets rather than having them changed every day automatically. board members say the state simply isn't doing enough to limit water use. it almost needs to become a way of life. >> it does. and on that note, christina has done a good job of giving us
5:36 am
ways in which we can conserve water. i have to admit, every single morning when i shave, i think, okay don't leave that water running. >> quick shower. >> so you're thinking about me when you're shaving, is that what we're getting from this, sam brock? right on. we found out from scott mcgrew, he shaves in the shower. so let's keep those personal items coming in. i have to limit my shower as well. it's difficult. i used to like to warm it up, sometimes leaving it running for three to five minutes. don't do that anymore. i jump in cold. as we head throughout the day, temperatures are still going to be on the cool side, even be lunchtime. we'll be at 61 degrees on the east shore at noon, so if you break for lunch, you're still going to need your coat. you can probably ditch it in parts of the bay area by 3:00 p.m. that's the warmest time of the day. 69 degrees for today. in wine country, 66 on the peninsula. looking good for 64 degrees. a warmer day coming your way. in san francisco, as promised, our next rain chance arrives as
5:37 am
we head throughout this weekend into next week. not looking that great, but i do have to tell you about every single opportunity. best chance right now looks like sunday into monday. these showers are beginning to keep out from the south. that humidity will also surge. you'll probably notice that difference by sunday into monday. then we have a better chance. i am watching a system on the 27th of the month that looks very good, very optimistic about this one for rain. significant rainfall right here in the bay area. we'll keep you updated. right now, let's check your drive. mike inouye does not wear spanx. i don't want you to be accused of that. >> now everybody's going to think i wear spanx. but it's obvious that i don't. suck it in. suck it in. over here, the bay bridge toll plaza. all green lights, flashing lights. hov lanes, green lights. we do have a backup, but no metering lights just yet. we'll look over at the map, a smooth flow of traffic. a little slowing shows up for eastbound. not a surprise, not a problem.
5:38 am
there's the upper east shore freeway. let's show you the approaches, coming through the north bay. same thing across that richmond san rafael bridge. antioch, a little slowing for highway 4, typical through that direction. south bay, no delays. the silicon valley or the peninsula. look at that. bayshore freeway and 280. over there, livermore, we'll show you the slowing. dublin interchange, do want to show you the live shot. approaching 680. i was looking for the reason why we see a little extra slowing this morning. the only thing i can think of, no incidents in the altamont pass, so everybody's getting over toward 680 a little earlier than they planned. there it is. the new details we're learning about the train cars involved in that fiery explosion in west virginia. plus, it was supposed to be a big day for thousands of undocumented immigrants, but not anymore. we're live in washington with the delay and the president's immigration order. let's take a live look outside before we leave you just
5:39 am
momentarily. a live look at 101. traffic starting to back up. we are coming back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic, and weather to get you updated. return with us after the break. an adjustment for that. s you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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right now, a live look outside at the bay area. the bay bridge all lit up. the dream has been deferred for millions of children brought to the u.s. illegally. they were supposed to begin applying for temporary legal status today. but a federal judge in texas has blocked the president's orders, leaving millions in limbo. >> this court order is about those kids, dreamers who were brought here when they were younger. the court, the federal judge in texas argues that president obama overstepped his bounds in
5:42 am
giving them protection from deportation. essentially putting them at the back of the line, allowing them to stay here legally and go to school and work and giving them work permits and social security numbers. all of that, way beyond what the law allows. so now, many of the nearly two and a half million undocumented immigrants in california, the largest state for undocumented immigrants, are now in limbo. those applications that were supposed to start today, they're not happening. applications for parents of legal residents and citizens are supposed to open up in may. that's in limbo. we don't know if that will be happening based on how the court proceeds. president obama argues that he is on solid legal ground here, that the law is on his side, the justice department is taking a look at this latest court ruling. they will likely appeal. we just don't know how quickly. this is one that we're expecting
5:43 am
is very likely going to land here at the u.s. supreme court. >> gotcha. so that is the likely path. i guess that's expected at this point, or where does the case go from here? >> well, an appeals court is going to have to look at what the federal judge did down in texas and argue and make a ruling on whether or not it's constitutional. whether the government prevails, the obama administration, or whether the 26 states that have sued, texas and these other states prevail, either side is likely to appeal it and that's why we say it's very likely to land here at the court. whether they'll bounce it back to the appeals courts, whether they'll actually take the case, we have no idea at this point. >> and you made an excellent point, the texas judge has not ruled on the constitutionality of the executive order. >> president obama also plans to speak about isis extremists in syria. he is hosting a summit at the
5:44 am
white house focusing on violent extremism and threats both at home and abroad. other speakers will talk about the connection between extremism and faith, gender, even the internet. tank cars were safer than federal law requires. the crash caused numerous explosions and fires. investigators say that crash involved tank cars that already had safety upgrades voluntarily adopted by the industry four years ago. now president obama is urging even tougher standards for trains carrying crude oil. san bernardino county is paying up two years after a manhunt for a rogue ex-lapd officer. a cabin burned down during a gun battle. the owners will get $200,000 as part of a civil suit. authorities say dorner killed four people, including two law enforcement officers in a week-long rampage in 2013. a new measles warning. this one in canada involving up
5:45 am
to 1,300 young people. canadian health officials say somebody with measles attended a christian rally in toronto more than a week ago. at least 141 folks have been diagnosed with measles so far in the year. 113 of them have been directly linked to the disneyland outbreak. most of those cases right here in california. >> today, senator barbara boxer joining the conversation. she'll be at the head start center in emeriville to talk about why she thinks it's important to get kids vaccinated against preventable diseases like meelzs and whooping cough. she's also introduced a bill requiring kids in preschools to get vaccinations. >> your forecast sounds like a good one.
5:46 am
remember, you always ask me your personal questions on facebook. if you've got a wedding, maybe an outdoor event that you're trying to plan, and i will get right back to you. follow me on twitter as well for updates throughout the day. sunny and warmer for today. that will be the weather story. but you know what, we do have some changes to tell you about. that humidity is going to increase as we get into your all-important weekend. for today, weather story is as follows. little bit of sunshine. we'll see a nice, beautiful day, 66 degrees on the peninsula today. 65 on the east shore. 69 degrees in the north bay. let me take you through the subtle change as we head throughout thursday and friday.
5:47 am
saturday into sunday, things start to change. sunday, not so great when it comes to sunshine. you'll be at 69 degrees on sunday in the south bay and 69 degrees on sunday, your local beaches getting some pretty nice weather. we're going to see a mix of sun and crowds. let's find out how your drive is shaping up. you've got to work for the weekend around here. >> i've been watching 580 here. look at the map, given the volume of traffic. but we do have that compression rate here. folks are making their way out of the altamont, all the way through livermore without any issues, any slowing, so they're just gathering over here at 680 more than they might expect.
5:48 am
typical slowing for highway 4 out of antioch. usual speeds dipping about 15 miles per hour. upper east shore freeway, a smooth drive. no metering lights over the last couple of minutes, but we should see in the last few as metering lights turn on. we have a slower drive up the incline. the maze and the east shore freeway, still moving very smoothly right now. looking at a smooth drive all the way down the peninsula. in mountain view, we have a crash north 101 around the amphitheater parkway. a single car went into the cement on the right side, so that is one issue possibly blocking the slow lane. and here the build. let's take you for the live look. this is san jose north 101 and we typically see this. just before 6:00, the volume is causing a slowdown.
5:49 am
back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. there's a new effort to improve safety on the streets of atherton. the problem, too many cars and not enough being done to protect pedestrians and cyclists. nanette miranda live in atherton to explain some of the proposed changes. good morning, nanette. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the goal is to make this six-lane stretch safer. officials hope a new traffic light and three pedestrian beacons will do that. the proposed stoplight is slated for el camino real and selby lane. then pedestrian beacons which activate a flashing light are being suggested at stockbridge, isabella, and alejandra avenues. if approved, all are expected to be installed by the spring of 2015. -- 2017. it's considered unsafe because little really helps pedestrians and cyclists coexist with
5:50 am
speeding cars. an atherton resident was killed as recently as last summer by a car while crossing el camino. at the site, 50 collisions occurred during a nine-year period. the city council is expected to discuss the stoplight and pedestrian beacons. the city and caltrans are expected to help pay for this $900,000 project. live in atherton, nanette miranda, for "today in the bay." this morning, police right now looking for a suspected prostitute who drugged and robbed a fremont man. the woman called herself crissy. you see the picture. police released that pic yesterday in the hopes that somebody would recognize her. the victim hired her through a prostitution website, but when she got to his house, he says that she drugged him, then let three men into his house to beat him up and rob him. the party is over for a popular pride event in san francisco's castro district. pink saturday is organized by the sisters of perpetual
5:51 am
indulgence. this year's party has been cancelled because the sisters don't want to host it. the reason, they say it's become too out of control with too much violence. >> we see it repeated the last couple years, pink saturday has become nothing but a really dangerous place for the neighborhood to be. >> a lot of the violence that we've seen has not been about a hate kricrime. it's just people getting drunk and belligerent. >> city leaders are considering other options including a shorter party and charging people to attend. several bay area people have made the short list to take a trip to mars and it's all part of a project by a non-profit working to establish permanent human life on the red planet. more than 200,000 people applied for the mission, but only two dozen will be sent on a one-way trip to mars. harder to get accepted for that mission than harvard. the non-profit shaved the list down to 100 people, including numerous bay area folks as well as 28-year-old carly compt. his family is not necessarily
5:52 am
onboard. >> they're part of me, but they' -- they're proud of me, but they're fairly adamant about me not going. to them, it's like me dying. if i don't actually die, they'll never see me again. >> nasa missions have given us glimpses of what the planet would be like, but whether can people actually live on mars and sustain life there, that is still very much to be determined. kids have always talked to their toys, but now the toys are starting to talk back. you've compared this to talking with siri. >> yes, except it's really super smart siri. there's a barbie doll that uses the cloud, and now there's a kick starter by some very smart computer scientists creating a talking dinosaur. you can have a regular conversation with it. the computer that's going to do the talking is the famous ibm watson computer, it was on jeopardy some years ago, but it
5:53 am
will be talking to thousands of kids simultaneously through their plastic dinosaurs. from plastic dinosaurs to exploding liquid dinosaurs, gas prices have been on the rise. though they're still a third less than they were a year ago. we'll get some data later today on u.s. oil supplies, which are expected to be unusually high. that may hold those gas prices down from rising much more. american stock markets doing real well. s&p 500 at an all-time high. the nasdaq at a 15-year high. shares of chipotle are down slightly after "the new york times" did an analysis of the company's burritos and discovered the average burrito has half your day's calories. that said, do you know what chipotle is trading at? i had to double-check my computer. >> i have no idea. >> i don't track it. >> $670 a share. >> are you kidding me? that's not right. >> i checked it three times. cmg. >> which is more times the price of tesla, for comparison?
5:54 am
>> that's right. >> or google for that matter. >> a lot of green guacamole. >> how many burritos could you buy for $600? that's a good question. >> more calories than we would like to ingest. the high 53 right now. let's get a look at your forecast. >> good morning. we have a really good-looking day. everybody can get out there and enjoy some lunch on the water, if that's something you're looking to do. it's going to be cool, but we will see more sunshine at noon than we did yesterday and temperatures are going to end up in the mid to upper 60s to finish off the day. at 69 degrees in the tri-valley. 64 san francisco. let's check on that drive. this is about the time when things really started to get active. >> over here, we're looking at the maze. look at all these vehicles going through. west 80 coming toward the bay bridge. slowing a bit as folks make the merge off the berkley curve. the metering light just turned on. i watched them turn on from our emeriville camera. you do have slowing because
5:55 am
that's what happens this time of day.yville camera. you do have slowing because that's what happens this time of day. no delays all the way down through mill valley and through the golden gate bridge. over here, a new crash reported south 880 around a street. we also have that crash which is moving to the shoulder. we'll track that very carefully. hayward is a tough spot. tri-valley, no problem. just a good volume of traffic heading through. south bay, northbound 101 at 680. the slowing typical this time of morning. on mountain view, the crash still on the right shoulder. the amphitheater off ramp, just watch for the activity in the right lane. you're probably wondering, who's the best in show? here's your answer. a beagle named miss p. she is just the second beagle to be crowned champion ever, and this morning, miss p will start her media tour on the "today" show. a lot of insight expected.
5:56 am
it's a sign of the times. zoo animals now stepping into the digital age along with the rest of the world. >> this is great. take a look at this. monkeys at a zoo in duluth, minnesota, they're experimenting with ipads. the primates have watched videos, even used the ipad to draw and solve some puzzles. >> what can't they do? it's all about conceptual thinking. one monkey is using face time. this monkey came to duluth from chicago. got lonely. relatives are elsewhere in the country. so zoo staff let him use face time to call his family back home. >> he vocalized with his father at lincoln park, then there was a lot of vocalizations coming across from the other troop as well, and then everybody scattered. >> that monkey has a friend in his enclosure, but zoo keepers say they hope to make the ipad available to him on a regular basis so he can talk to his old friends more often. he's got an amazon account now where he's ordering pants. it's amazing.
5:57 am
>> yes, he's got a whole wardrobe and all sorts of other animals are following him. >> 5:56. spring training about to get under way. the latest details coming up next. caught on camera. police looking for this man. accused of beating up a taxi driver just to get out of paying a fare. plus, we continue to follow breaking news this morning. a stabbing just feet away from a tourist hot spot. we're live there with details next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
the backup at the bay bridge. you know about that. i found a garbage truck off 101 in san jose. we'll check this out and see what else is going on for your build. >> live look outside the bay bridge. this is "today in the bay." breaking news. a stabbing investigation near san francisco's union square. our cameras were there as police made an arrest. >> testify steph is live at the scene this morning. investigators at one point were looking for other people who might have been involved as well. any developments there? >> officers at one point were looking around union square park for persons of interest. police were gone by the time they got here to the


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